Separators & Clarifiers

For over 100 years, Frautech have been designing and manufacturing centrifugal disc separators for the food and beverage industry.

They supply plug-and-play solutions that integrate easily into your process, with an extremely efficient separation for your beverage plant or brewery.

Frautech ArtBREW – Craft Beer Clarifier / Centrifuge

Models available: 5

Beer Clarification Capacity:Up to 50hl/hr to 350hl/hr

Clarification of dry hopping beer: 6 hl/hr – 180hl/hr

  • Variable frequency drive
  • KO₂ oxygen knock-out device
  • On-off feed valve, hood cooling valve, sample port at outlet
  • Sight glasses at inlet/outlet
  • Flow transmitter with totalizer and manual flow regulating valve
  • Manual back-pressure control valve
  • Integration into fully automatic CIP(cleaning in place) system
  • Low Dissolved oxygen pick-up, typically less than 10 ppb
  • Unique inert gas sealing system
  • No deaerated water needed and no risk to contaminate the product
  • Low operating costs for CO₂ or N

* Capacity depends on the characteristics of the beer

  • Beer
    • Hot or cold wort clarification
    • Trub wort clarification
    • Green beer separation
  • Cider
  • Kombucha
  • Local or remote feed pump
  • Solids discharge by VolCon system, our perfect control of the discharge volume
  • Turbidity monitoring at feed
  • Sight glasses with backlighting at inlet/outlet

Frautech ArtBEV – Beverage Clarifier / Centrifuge

Models available: 6

Hydraulic  Capacity: 7,500kg to 70,000Kg


  • Variable frequency drive
  • Tangential cyclone with solids discharge tank
  • Liquid ring sealing to prevent oxygen pick-up
  • Strainer with manual valves
  • Automatic on-off butterfly valve
  • Magnetic flow transmitter
  • Manual valve for flow-rate control
  • Pressure gauge at product outlet
  • Manual valve for back pressure control
  • Check valve at product outlet
  • Sight glasses at product inlet/outlet
  • Sampling valves at product inlet/outlet
  • Electro-valve for bowl rinsing
  • Pressure water reducer and cartridge filter for operating water
  • Vibration sensor

ArtBev clarifiers are used for fine clarification after extraction and fining, to remove unwanted solids, haze particles or fining agents before further processing. They are well suited for:

  • Juices
  • Tea/herbal drinks
  • Vegetable drinks
  • Wine


  • Operating water feeding unit
  • Solids discharge by VolCon system, our perfect control of the discharge volume
  • Turbidity monitoring and control of TSS level at outlet
  • Feed pump
  • Solids discharge pump
  • Sight glasses with backlighting at inlet/outlet

Manufactured by Frautech Separators


With over 100 years of experience, Frautech separators can be found in dairy, beverage, beer and food plants around the world.