End of Line

To complement our processing equipment, we have a range of Trepko end of line equipment that can be utilised to help increase efficiency within your processing plant.


All machines meet the most stringent quality and hygiene requirements, with a strong emphasis on reliability and flexibility so you get greater efficiency and value for money.

Trepko Box Cartoning Machine

Output: Up to 60 cycles/min

Suitable for handling: Butter bricks/blocks


  • Packaging solution of single bricks or bar-shaped packages into cartons of retail size
  • Caters for a variety of stick and box patterns
  • A simple format system enable changeovers in less than 15 minutes

Butter bricks/blocks


Trepko Palletiser

Sweep Palletiser

Speed: up to 3 layers per minute, depending on laser pattern

Products handled: cases, trays, cartons etc., up to 400 mm high

Maximum loading height: 2400mm incl. pallet


Gantry Robot Palletiser

Maximum item weight: 25kg (depends on the item type and quality, the lifting method used, speed etc.)

Capacity: up to 12 cycles per minute (depending on the pallet pattern, the size, weight and quality of the items)

Loading height (incl. pallet): up to 2100mm with vacuum head

Pallet sizes: all common sizes

Typical products handled: cases, shrink wrapped trays, cartons


  • Modular design – the machine is easy to fit to floor-space at your production facility
  • Semi or fully automatic operation

Sweep Palletiser
Products handled: cases, trays, cartons etc., up to 400 mm high

Gantry Robot Palletiser
Typical products handled: cases, shrink wrapped trays, cartons

  • Gantry palletiser can be fitted with different types of lifting tools including vacuum suction cups, grip/clamp and or lifting plates and most products can therefore be handled.

Trepko Pick & Place Systems

Capacity: up to 160 cups/minute

Type: tray

Nominal capacity: 25 trays/minute


  • A fully automatic unit suitable for top loading of products into cases, trays or crates.
  • Products that can be lifted with vacuum, magnetic tool or gripper can also be packed.
  • Special suction nozzle or grippers prevents deformation or damage the cups
  • Controlled acceleration/deceletarion

Suitable for handling: Tubs / Pottles

  • Various matches of product on trays are possible
  • Lifting tool is adaptable to different types of products

Trepko Shrink Wrapping Machine

Models Available: 2

Capacity: Up to 15 to 25 packs/minute

Thickness of Shrink Film: 40-80 μm

Reels: max. Ø 300 x 630 mm

Pack Weight: max 15kg


  • Fully automatic, robustly constructed machines designed for the shrink wrapping of products with or without trays or alternatively on base boards.
  • Energy efficient and capable of continuous operation in a variety of conditions
  • Minimal maintenance is required on the machines with all service parts easily and quickly accessible
  • Compatible with various types of shrink film and will operate with equal efficiency using low, medium or high density shrink film between 40-80 microns in thickness.
Suitable for handling: Tubs / Pottles / Bottles / Cans

Machines can be equipped with accessories for

  • perforation
  • film end indication
  • film loading etc.

Trepko Tray Erectors

Models avaliable: 2

Maxmum output: 20 to 40 tray/min.

Suitable for handling: Tubs / Pottles

Tray dimension (WxLxHxF1):

min. 150x225x50x35

max. 400x500x130x70


  • Gentle handling of packaging material, right – angled packaging
  • A special blanks separator prevents more than one blank being pulled down at once


  • Suitable for handling Tubs / Pottles into trays
  • N/A

Trepko Wrap Around Packer

Maxmum output: 20 box/min.

Box dimensions: min. 200x105x70 max. 600x240x350


  •  The machine design incorporates unique and interchangeable ‘blank’ feeders to allow different case/tray sizes to run on the same machine.
  • This changeover procedure requires little time with all the different sized change parts easily and quickly accessible.
  • All packing takes place on one level with a maximum output speed of 20 cases per minute.
  • The machine can also be loaded with several ‘blank’ stacks for longer runs without the need for loading.
  • Can handle most box solutions in the same packaging machine
  • Tailor-made grouping solutions can be made to meet your requirements

Trepko Wrap Around Sleever

Maximum output: 160 sleeves per minute

Sleeve dimension: L 100-300 W 100-150 H 80-120

Pack patterns: 3 x 1/ 2×1 / 2 x2 / 1×1



  • A smooth changeover enables the same machine to handle a large variety of sleeves and cups organising them in numerous pack-patterns.
  • A fast change-over procedure is facilitated by quick-release of easily-accessible format parts and a selection of parameters saved as recipes in the PLC.
  • Designed to handle single serve cups, which it organises in various pack patterns and wraps with a cardboard sleeve
  • An extended blank magazine reduces the frequency of reloading

Manufactured By Trepko


Trepko is one of the world’s leading suppliers of packaging solutions for the food industry. With 75 years of manufacturing experience they are placed at the forefront of the packaging industry have customers in more than 120 countries across the world.

All machines meet the most stringent quality and hygiene requirements and their performance combined with flexibility offers individual and optimized solutions designed specifically for the customers’ needs.