Our Equipment Suppliers

We work with a range of global suppliers of food and beverage process and filling/packaging equipment.


Thermaflo NZ


Our New Zealand office is our design and manufacturing hub.

Thermaflo equipment is designed by our in house team of process engineers, and fabricated at our workshop by our mechanical and industrial electrical teams.





Trepko is a global supplier of filling/packaging equipment for the food & beverage industries.

Based in Denmark, they have a staff of around 700 employees around the globe with installs in over 120 countries.

Trepko are specialists in high-speed tub/cup filling and butter filling/wrapping.

Thermaflo is Trepko’s Australian sales and integration partner.




Filmatic is a global supplier of filling/packaging machines for the food & beverage industries.

Based in South Africa, they are a subsidiary of Trepko, and have a strong reputation in rotary filling machines for beverage with installs in over 35 countries.

Thermaflo is the Australian sales and integration partner for Filmatic.


Powerpoint International


Manufacturer of lab scale and pilot plant equipment. Including UHT/HTST heat exchangers, scraped surface heat exchangers, margarine and spreads processors, small scale retort, and spray driers.


MMS Membrane Systems


Manufacturer with research capabilities in membrane solutions for a huge variety of applications, including; milk, food, water, pharmaceuticals or biotechnology. Specialises in filtration and reverse osmosis plants.


Frautech Separators


Italian based global supplier of centrifugal disc separators for the food and beverage industry for over 100 years. 3000 Frautech separators are installed worldwide.


FBF Italia


Italian-based manufacturer of homogenisers, ultra high pressure homogenisers, lab-scale homogenisers and positive displacement pumps.




Manufacturer of multi-functional batch mixers and cookers for the food industry. Based in Denmark. Experts in mixing solutions for mayonnaise & dressings, soups, sauces, fillings, ready meals, jams, spreads, processed cheese, cream cheese.




Manufacturer of decanting, separation and filtration solutions, with a long history in food & beverage and wastewater.




Italy-based manufactures machines and process plants to produce “Pasta Filata” Cheese such as Mozzarella, pizza cheese, string cheese, as well as spread and processed cheese and Ricotta.




Manufacturer of tubular heat exchangers with a wide range of applications, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical and industrial.




Global supplier of turnkey still and carbonated beverage filling machinery. Framax supply filling lines to suit a wide range of products such as mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, wine, beer, edible oils, mixed alcoholic beverages, liqueurs, fruit juices etc.