Rotary Filling Machines

Filmatic N1 to N6 Series Rotary Filling Systems


The Filmatic Range of Rotary Fillers are based on a frame size range from N1 being the smallest to N6 being the largest. Included in all their rotary fillers are quality of build, safety in operation, toolless change overs for reduced down time, automated controls and versatility for diverse bottle ranges.

Optional extras include bottle unscramblers, capping unscramblers and pick and place cappers, tamper proof seals and then a wide range of ESL options.

The range thereby proves itself as a competitive choice, no matter if it is a low or high-capacity requirement or if the requirement is for an ultra clean or a standard hygiene level.  Automated cleaning systems for CIP and the surfaces of the product-zone are activated by the flick of a button, without any manual involvement of the operator. 

Intelligent change-parts are a special feature as protection against operator errors during changeover. Change parts are normally possible within in less than 15 minutes. 

Small to large, start-up to mass production, the Filmatic Rotary Fillers and in-line options are a great choice for reliability, operator friendly, minimal downtime and maximum throughput.