Entry Level Filling Machine

Filmatic Semi-Auto Filling SystemsSmall Rotary Filler2

For many smaller processors, investing in a large automatic inline or rotary filler is something that is just not economic or may not fit in to their current process. For this reason Thermaflo have developed their own entry level 4 or 8 head manual step filling system to bridge this gap. Utilising pneumatic rams, this filler has very few moving parts which means there is very little that can go wrong during processing and very little up keep on this filler.

As well as the manual step filler, Thermaflo are also able to supply small semi-automatic rotary filling and capping machines. Once a bottle has been placed in to the filler by the operator, these systems will level fill each bottle and apply a cap before being removed by the operator.

Depending on the types of products you are looking to fill, the material of the container / tub you are filling in to and the throughput you are looking for, Thermaflo are able to supply you with a system that will be both economic and fit for purpose.

For more information about how Thermaflo can assist you with your filling requirements go to our contact page and leave a message or give us a call.