Heat Exchanger Testing

Our Heat Exchanger testing uses accurate testing methods that will provide you with peace of mind that your equipment is up to food safety standards.


There are four main types of Plate Heat Exchange testing. 


  • Dye Testing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Conductivity Testing
  • Gas Testing


Heat Exchanger Testing Heat Exchanger Testing


At Thermaflo we mainly use a gas testing method that relies on the passage of detection gas across the plate to indicate a leak, with this being read by a detector. This method has little risk of contamination, is rapid and has been shown to be highly accurate. 


To assess the structural integrity of the plates we will do a Gas Plate Integrity Test (GPIT). This tells us if your pasteuriser has a leak and in which section it is coming from. The Gas testing method is most convenient for leak detection in an economic time frame. 


If there is an issue with your heat exchanger, we are able to supply the necessary plates or gaskets that are needed to fix any problem at a very competitive price.


After your machine has been fixed, we will then run through the test again to make sure that your machine is running at 100% and that there are no further problems.


To organise a test on your heat exchanger go to our contact page and leave a message or give us a call.





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