Plant Based Dairy Alternatives

Whether you're processing oat, soy, rice, coconut, nuts, hemp, or a combination of ingredients, based on our extensive experience, we can help you either design and fabricate your start-up plant or upgrade your existing process. 


We'll customise our service to suit your needs and budget, from supplying new and more efficient equipment, right through to a complete turn-key solution where we design, fabricate, install, and commission a new plant.


Plant Based Dairy Alternative Food, Vegan Coconut Milk, Cheese and Cream 


 We can assist you with your processing needs for:


  • Milk alternatives
  • Butter alternatives
  • Yoghurt and other fermented products
  • Ice cream alternatives
  • Cheese alternatives
  • Condiments/Sauces


The typical process steps for plant-based products are:


  • Ingredient mixing: Your various components are incorporated into the mix with easy to use equipment.
  • Heat treatment: Taking the type of product to be produced into account, we design the heat treatment specifically to achieve the correct temperature and holding time to suit your product. This also includes the hot water boiler and control system.
  • Further processing (e.g. homogenisation, culture addition, fermentation, dosing): Depending on your product, and its requirements, our design will allow it to be made at your preferred flow rate and consistency. 
  • Cooling: We'll design either a heat exchange system, or in-tank cooling, designed to cool your product to your exact requirements - even those with more demanding needs due to viscosity. This also includes the chilled water package.
  • Filling/packaging: Depending on your product, we supply a wide range of fillers/packaging machines specifically built to cater to your product requirements. Options range from entry-level fillers or packers, right through to fully automatic machines capable of high-volume throughput.


Optional Features: Please ask us for more information about heat recovery options during pasteurisation and cooling, as well as water-saving CIP (clean in place) solutions.


For more information about how we can help you with you plant-based dairy alternatives needs, please drop us an email or give us a call, we are happy to assist and will provide a solution custom-designed for your needs.




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Anthony Connaughton

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