Dynamic Crossflow Filtration

Crossflow filters are state-of-the-art for substances with poor filtration characteristics


The use of ceramic filter membranes is gaining popularity in successful implementation when other separation processes, besides cake-forming filtration, do not achieve the desired results.


Thanks to its small dimensions, the DCF skid not only provides very efficient separation technology but is also a very compact and space-saving unit, benefiting from its vertical layout.

Andritz DCF skid

The Andritz Krauss-Maffei dynamic crossflow filter


You'll benefit from:

Higher Yield due to higher retentate concentration

Optimum product quality -  due to single-pass filtration concept, short residence times, no contact with gases, and minimum thermal and mechanical impact

Reduced energy consumption - Up to 80% reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional membranes



Fields of Application:

  • Wine

  • Beer

  • Juices

  • Vegetable oils

  • Gelatin

  • Enzymes

  • Water recovery in starch processes

  • Sterilization of juices


Scope of Supply

  • Plug-and-play skid, minimum of process and utility connections
  • All process instruments included
  • Touch panel with graphic visualization of the process Left to right: feed, permeate, retentate DCF skid
  • Fully automatic CIP (cleaning-inplace), without an operator being present
  • Feed pump with frequency converter included
  • Connections for three CIP media as well as hot and cold water handling included
  • Frequency converter to allow optimum adjustment of membrane rotation for each product
  • Control of retentate discharge, not back to tank, but directly to waste collector
  • Automatic backflush allows maximized and homogeneous filtration rates


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