Frautech Dairy Separation & Decanting

We have separators for all dairy applications and flow rates.

Frautech have developed a uniquely gentle process that produces dairy products of the highest quality with minimal somatic cells, bacteria, spores and maximum retention of undamaged fat globules and milk proteins. 


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For example, we can help you to minimize the bacteria content in the milk prior to pasteurization and evaporation by using our bacteria removing clarifier.


You'll benefit from:


A Gentle Separation Process - the quality of your ingredients is preserved.


Increased Productivity/Lower Operating Costs - The speed and efficiency, with which Frautech machines separate, clarify, concentrate and purify adds to your productivity, ensuring reliable performance and lower total operating costs – year after year.


Ask us for more information about the below equipment for milk reception and pasteurization:


  • Frautech separators for clarification, bacteria removing, skimming, concentration and purification
  • Frautech Lattomatic, the automatic milk fat standardization system
  • Frautech CremaViva cold milk separator
  • ANDRITZ Krauss-Maffei DCF Dynamic crossflow filter for high concentration of dairy products


For more information about our separators & decanters please leave us a message or give us a call. 




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Roy Collins

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