Rotary Filling Systems

Trepko 3000 Series Rotary Filling System

The modular system of the 3000 series allows it to cater for the most diversified needs within bottle-filling,sterilisation and closing.  The series thereby proves itself as a competitive choice, no matter if it is a low or high-capacity requirement or if the requirement is for an ultra clean or a standard hygiene level.  Automated cleaning systems for CIP and the surfaces of the product-zone are activated by the flick of a button, without any manual involvement of the operator. 

Intelligent change-parts are offered as protection against operator errors during changeover. Even on the largest machines changeover is performed in less than 20 minutes. 

This series allows you to build a complete line, catering for your production needs from where the processing ends through to when your bottles are filled, sealed, boxed and palletized.

005 en 3000 series bottle filling machinesBenefits:

  • Quick release changeparts or short production changeovers
  • Smooth handling of containers (bottom or neck handling)
  • Low maintenance and downtime
  • High levels of SIP and CIP to ensure optimal levels of hygiene
  • No Container / No Fill feature to minimize product waste
  • Production friendly operation from base mounted control panel
  • A safe working environment ensured by full safety guarding which conforms to international safety standards
  • Various capping options


For more information on the 3000 series rotary filling system call 1800 198 701 or email