Brick Forming and Wrapping Machine

Brick Forming and Wrapping Machine that guarantees quality and reliability of the packaging process.

The TREPKO 800 Series packaging machines are designed for the forming and wrapping of bricks with a speed of up to 260 bricks per minute and range of filling weights from 10g up to 2kg.

The machine offers single or twin-lane machines suitable for wrapping viscous products including butter, butter with vegetable oils, margarine, cottage cheese, minced meat, lard, yeast, and similar products.


brick forming and wrapping machine


You’ll benefit from:

  • Accurate Dosing (Packaging Quality) – Robust heavyweight moving parts ensure consistent brick forming resulting in superior accuracy.
  • Efficiency – Quick and easy changeover for different size or shape. A full brick format change takes less than 25 minutes including foil change.
  • Flexibility – Variety of packaged products with possibility to change the shape and dimension of the bricks and can be wrapped in a wide range of packaging materials.
  • Ease of Maintenance – The design of the machines along with their performance and materials used enable easy access to all machine parts.
  • Fully Automated – The modern PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with touch-screen panel can control the machine operation parameters with ease. Up to 100 packaging recipes can be stored in the PLC memory.


Additional options:

Alternative product in-feed options include:

  • Double scroll chute with product hopper
  • Compensator – direct connection to the production line with optional CIP cleanable product feed system.

Due to the special construction and flexibility of the infeed systems, both options can be interchanged on one machine to meet individual requirements.


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