Butter Filling Machine

Butter filling machines that guarantee accurate and efficient filling, forming, and wrapping.

Whether you are looking to pack large 25kg blocks of butter, standard 250g blocks or small single serve portions with a form, fill and wrapping machine, we can provide a butter filling machine that is both economic and fit in with your current production goals.


 Butter Filler2


You’ll benefit from:

  • Accurate Dosing – Consistent brick forming resulting in a superior accuracy.
  • High Efficiency – High throughput with a quick and easy changeover between different packaging shapes and sizes.
  • Fully Automated – Equipped with a touch-screen panel to control the machine operation parameters with ease.
  • Significant Throughput – Offering high speed, high accuracy, maximum up-time. Our butter packers are regarded as world leaders.


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Your Sales Rep

Roy Collins

Roy Collins

Roy is our highly experienced Technical Sales Rep. for Liquid Filling and Packaging based in Australia. 

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