Wrap Around Sleever

Trepko 770 series wrap around sleeving machine is ideal for handling single-serve cups, which it organises in various pack patterns and wraps with a cardboard sleeve.


A smooth changeover enables the same machine to handle a large variety of sleeves and cups organising them in numerous pack-patterns. A fast change-over procedure is facilitated by quick-release of easily-accessible format parts and a selection of parameters saved as recipes in the PLC. 


Watch the 770 Series Wrap Around Sleever in Operation.



Technical details:

Maximum output 160 sleeves per minute
Sleeve dimension L 100-300 W 100-150 H 80-120
Packed pattern 3x1/ 2x1 / 2x2 / 1x1
Power 9 kVA
Air pressure 6 bar
Air consumption 500 l/min  


You'll benefit from:

  • Flexibility: Pack cups into a variety of pack patterns.
  • Maximum efficiency: Wrap up to 160 sleeves per minute. The machine is based on a state-of-the-art drive solution that provides a perfect synchronization of all movements and working stability at the highest speeds.
  • Quality: Stainless steel and other top quality materials are used to provide a long life for the machine.


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